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  Our Supporters




The following increased their giving level during the 2010-2011 administrative year (ending June 30, 2011). Thank you for your continued support!


Diamond Level 2

Doris and Clyde Ash

Ray and Linda Carlson


Diamond Level 1

Jim and Kay Brown

Rob and Rita Davidson

Jerry and Mary DeFeo

Ken and Linda Franklin

Anne Marie Logue

Bill and Elaine Schupp

Marc and Susan Schwartz



Dennis and Teresa Koch, 19

Jim and Kay Brown, 18

Richard J. Carlander, 18

Thomas Williams, 18

Jonathon J.  Green, 17

Mike and Diane Oster, 17

Richard and Karen  Askew, 16

Marc and Susan Schwartz, 16

Robert and Agnes  Sharp, 16

Sandra  Southworth, 15

Marilyn Metcalf, 14

Katie Smith, 14

Andrew C. Marion, 13

Aisha Vadell, 13

Don Wright, 13

Dick Harsin, 12

Janet  Jacobs, 12

Donald L. Tuttle, 12

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Weidendorf, 12

Stan and Lois Rocush, 11

James Ruzon, 11

John and Lou Piegsa, 10

William Deason,  9

Bob and Cindy Harb, 9

Pamela McKinnon, 9

Sid and Claresie Mobley, 9

John and Marilyn Hood, 8

Ron and Shirley Lashmett, 7

McKenzie and Leda  Roberts, 7

Tom Karnes, 6

Bev Livingston, 6

Paul D. McShane, 6

Joel P. Porcher, 6

William Gardella, 5

James M. Hartley, 5

Janna Hobbs, 5

Robert H. Ogilvie, 5

Edwin and Sally Harvey,  4

William J. Strahanoski, 4

Scot W. Warren,  4

Donald Anderson, 3

Russ Finney, 3

Keith Benson, 2

Lawrence C. Bittner, 2

Kathleen Cox, 2

Frederick R. Curcio, Sr.,2

Janell Darby, 2

David and Melissa Denning, 2

William M. Denton, Jr., 2

Paul and Elizabeth Grantham      2

Dr. Salvatore Graziano, 2

Ronald Hoenes, 2

Floyd Holm, 2

J. Mackey Jernigan, 2

Ronald D. La Beau, 2

Wayne Tahara, 2

Michael  Wilkowski, 2

Arvel  Acoach, 1

Scott A. Dunham, 1

Neil Florer, 1

Tom Hanna, 1

David S. Hood, 1

Connie Knox, 1

Virginia H. Norman, 1

Janet Owens, 1

Richard Pfefferkorn, 1

John Rogan, 1

M. Gary Schuster, Sr., 1

Enrique Sigas, 1


Medallion Clubs

XC of Baton Rouge, LA

XC of Beach Haven, NJ

XC of Belleville, IL

XC of Bridgeton, NJ

XC of Bristol, CT

XC of Camden, AL

XC of Caro, MI

XC of Charleston, SC

XC of Corona del  Mar, CA

XC of Danbury, CT

XC of Detroit, MI

XC of Durham-Middlefield, CT

XC of Eastern Hills, Cincinnati, OH

XC of El Paso, TX

XC of Evening Charleston, SC

XC of Flagstaff, AZ

XC of Fond du Lac, WI

XC of Ft. Bend, TX

XC of Grayslake, IL

XC of Greeley, CO

XC of Hammonton, NJ

XC of Isle of Palms, SC

XC of Jacksonville, AL

XC of Kern Valley, CA

XC of L.M.V., IL

XC of Lafayette, IN

XC of Macon, GA

XC of Madison, CT

XC of Mattoon, IL

XC of Memorial Houston, TX

XC of Metropolitan Marion, IN

XC of Mitchell, SD

XC of Newtown, PA

XC of Niceville, FL

XC of Noon Garland TX

XC of Noon Murfreesboro, TN

XC of North Jackson, MS

XC of Northeast St. Petersburg, FL

XC of Northwoods Jackson, MS

XC of Portage, IN

XC of Quad Cities, IL

XC of Sandusky, OH

XC of Savannah, GA

XC of Selma, AL

XC of Shelton, CT

XC of South Granville, NC

XC of South Orange County, CA

XC of Speedway, IN

XC of Springfield, OH

XC of Sugar Land, TX

XC of Trenton, MI

XC of Urbana, IL

XC of Waverly, IA

XC of Wenatchee, WA

XC of York, Yorktown, VA 



Mike Jernigan, 28

Marge Keenan-Denniston, 13

Yvonne Ledoux,    12

William Ketron, 11

Lesa Jernigan, 10

Gerald Franklin,  9

Judy Bunch, 8

Rob Davidson, 8

Daniel McQueeney, 8

Doris Ash, 7

Lou Molitor, 7

Karen Askew,6

Linda Carlson, 6

Byron Hiles, 6

Kim Hodges, 6

Carol Hollshwandner, 6

Janet Jacobs, 6

Dennis Koch, 6

Anne Marie Logue, 6

Marilyn Metcalf, 6

Bob Sharp, 6

Sandra Southworth, 6

Clyde Ash, 5

Mike Oster, 5

James Ruzon, 5

Gerald Thompson, 5

Brenda Robinson, 5

Evelyn Franklin, 4

Dick Harsin, 4

Pamela McKinnon, 4

Caroline McQueeney, 4

Mike Oster, 4

Bill Schupp, 4

Donald L. Tuttle, 4

Thomas Williams, 4

Jonathon J. Green, 3

Rick Gordon, 3

Paul D. McShane, 3

John Metcalf, 3

Lou Chavis Piegsa, 3

Marc Schwartz, 3

Susan Schwartz, 3

Katie Smith, 3

Jim Brown, 2

James M. Hartley, 2

Claresie Mobley, 2

Scot W. Warren, 2

Ray Carlson, 1

Russ Finney, 1

Floyd Holm, 1

Daniel S. McQueeney, Jr., 1


Berkey Clubs

XC of Belleville, IL

XC of Charleston, SC

XC of Durham-Middlefield, CT

XC of Flagstaff, AZ

XC of Fond du Lac, WI

XC of Noon Garland TX

XC of North Jackson, MS

XC of Northwoods Jackson, MS

XC of Sugar Land, TX

Association of Past National Officers and Directors




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